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  1. 2 ore fa, domega said:



    Domega thanks a lot for your attencion!!!! Radio unlocked. 

    I got the car for about 2 weeks and everyday i find some suspicious work...airbags off...low level gearbox oil...broken exhausts supports...no AC...bad engine mounts...but you just made my day with your help!!! 

  2. Hi!! Me too have that problem....just bought a second hand Blaupunkt radio for my Lancia Delta 844 but it asks the code....the previous owner gave me a 5 digits code but wont work...can you please hel me???? Got the car two weeks ago and came with a pioneer radio (they cutted the plastics to fit) but i really want the original...

    815 BP836686438266

    MP3 LOW 7 648 366 316

    Fiat Number 735 489 678 0

    BP Number 7 648 366 316


    Grazie mille in anticipo!!!!!!

    My car.jpg




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