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  1. Topspeed revealed a new review on the 2010 Pininfarina Nido, featuring some new info on the compact car's features, as well as a few wallpapers. "Pininfarina’s engineers have designed the Nido with a separate passenger compartment built inside the concept’s frame and body that is connected to the outer shell with energy absorbing cushions placed around the passenger’s compartment. The bright orange polymer cushions would..." Here's the whole article: 2010 Pininfarina Nido review And also the wallpaper gallery: 2010 Pininfarina Nido pictures
  2. "Voted "Car of the year" by Motor Trend and North American Car of the Year (NACOY) at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Chrysler 300C marks the return of great American cars. With an intense competiton from other cars, the 300C was declared winner for unique combination of contemporary styling and powerful performance...." This is from a new detailed exclusive review on the 2005 Chrysler 300C. You can read about it's design and abundance of features, and also view a photo gallery and intro movie with the sedan. Read the whole article here: http://
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