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  1. lc02

    Software per diagnosi GPL

    Plus 4.03 http://kalinagas.ru/tehpodderzhka/instruktsii-i-po https://gofile.io/?c=BYDtWR
  2. Therefore this adapter cable http://shop.hybridsupply.de/GPL/-Metano-Shop/Parti-GPL/NGV/Elettronica/Adattatori/Landi-Renzo-MED-cavo-adattatore-da-Fiat-AMP-iniettori-OEM-su-MED::6283.html?language=it
  3. Therefore, better exchange in repairable injectors. And installation optimization, vertical injector, output at the bottom. Examples are accessories http://www.autometano.com/prodotto/girs-12-tappo-nero/ http://shop.hybridsupply.de/GPL/-Metano-Shop/Parti-GPL/NGV/Elettronica/Adattatori/Landi-Renzo-MED-cavo-adattatore-da-Fiat-AMP-iniettori-OEM-su-MED::6283.html?language=it Four pieces about twenty euros. http://nagaz24.pl/injector-rail-mounting-connector-by-lovato-for-pressure-sensor-fitting,s,4104,p,en.html Repair kit for 4C rail about fifty euro http://shop.hybri
  4. Interface and software procure and read errors
  5. Show me screen shots of software connected to car, of both control units. Show me label of both controllers.
  6. Omegas ecu (aeb) and ecu plus (med) are generally different sofwaresysteme. https://www.ecutuningperformance.com/home/topic/39032-lr-omegas-landi-renzo-free/?page=2 With standard plus ecu also no firmware experiments necessary. see photos http://medic-car.hu/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/3975258387625224008906334638593046620216220621356279809.pdf Different hardware versions are not compatible. Therefore the switch is deactivated if the firmware is incorrect.
  7. non ho mai provato ma dovrebbe connettersi con l'ultima versione precedente alla 3.0 ,l'impianto è un landi omegas evo 4 ciindri iniettori aeb installato a dicembre 2013 Basis functions without license possible.
  8. Daciarenault have with euro six exhaust standard only GIRS 12 injectorrail installed http://www.omniauto.it/forum/index.php?showtopic=64029&hl=
  9. Injectors made of plastic rail are not compatible with aluminum rail
  10. http://www.omniauto.it/forum/index.php?app=members&module=messaging
  11. I can not see photo, will not load.
  12. connect to ecu and show the start page, a screen photo make
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